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Karata belongs to the Andic branch of the East-Caucasian language family. There are 8 Andic languages: Karata, Akhvakh, Andi, Botlikh, Godoberi, Bagvalal, Chamalal, and Tindi.

The available literature on Karata mainly consists of a grammar by Zagidat Magomedbekova published in 1971, a dictionary, published in 2001 by Patimat Magomedova and Rashidat Khalidova (professor at the Pedagogical University of Makhachkala), as well as a collection of fairy tales edited and published by R. Khalidova in 2018.

For IMMOCAL, Jérémy Pasquereau will gloss and translate into Russian twenty of these tales. In collaboration with Rashidat Khalidova, he will write a paper on the uses of Tense Mood Aspect categories in this corpus.


Prof. Rashidat Khalidova (State Univ., Makhachkala)


J. Pasquereau