Imperfective modalities in East Caucasian corpora Workshop Programme

IFEA, Istanbul 15-17 March 2018



  Thursday 15th Friday 16th Saturday 17th
9h Madzhid Khalilov

Collecting and fixing the Bezhta linguistic, folkloric, and ethnographic materials

9h45 Indira Abdulaeva

Collecting words and folklore in Northern and Southern Akhwakh language

Excursion Bosphorus or Heybeli Ada
9h45-10h30 Raisat Karimova & Zaira Khalilova

Collecting and fixing the Khwarshi linguistic, folkloric, and ethnographic materials

10h30 coffee break
10h45-11h30 Madzhid Khalilov & Zaira Khalilova

The documentation of Bezhta and imperfective modalities

11h30-12h15 Rashidat Khalidova

Analysing the grammatical structure of Karata phraseology

12h15 Greetings and presentation of the workshop buffet (IFEA)
13h buffet (IFEA)
14h-14h45 Sveta Makhmudova

The documentation of Rutul folklore

Uzlipat Gasanova

Functional-semantic properties of lexis of the Khaydak fairy-tales

14h45-15h30 Timur Maisak

The documentation of Aghul and imperfective modalities

Ayten Babaliyeva

The documentation of Southern Lezgian and imperfective modalities

15h30-16h15 Jesse Wichers-Schreur

The documentation of Batsbi

Gilles Authier

The documentation of Kryz and imperfective modalities

16h15 coffee break
16h30-17h30 Marina Tchoumakina

The documentation of Archi and imperfective modalities

20h dinner (Sultanahmet) dinner (Kadikoy)

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