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Eastern Armenian

Source Tumanyan, Nazaryan, Demirchyan, etc. Investigator R. Meyer Files  

Western Laz

Source Fieldwork Investigator Osman Kuyumcu Alexander Rostovtsev-Popiel Files


Source Xubua Investigator Alexander Rostovtsev-Popiel Files

Osman Kuyumcu

Osman Kuyumcu (Turkish and French), Doctoral student at EPHE since 2016, is a native speaker of Laz and Turkish. He will, during the period of the project, write the parts of his thesis dedicated to documenting the westernmost dialect of Laz, its verbal lexicon and TAME categories. He will also provide expertise on Turkish language […]

Murad Suleymanov

Murad Suleymanov (Canadian) earned a three-year doctoral contract at EPHE in 2015 to write a thesis dedicated to the documentation and grammatical description of the Shirvan dialect of Tat. A native speaker of Azeri, Russian and English, M. Suleymanov will devote his full time in the second and third years of his doctoral contract (2016-2018) […]

Robin Meyer

Robin Meyer (German) will defend in 2016 his DPhil thesis (Oxford, supervised by Theo Van Lindt) on ‘Iranian-Armenian language contact in and before the 5th century CE: an investigation into pattern replication and societal multilingualism’. Robin Meyer will translate into English the Armenian selected corpus (those folktales which have exact parallels in East Caucasian languages).

Steven Kaye

Steven Kaye (British), Postdoc, (DPhil) will edit, gloss and translate into English the Northern Talyshi selected corpus.

Ayten Babaliyeva

Ayten Babaliyeva (Azerbaijanian), Postdoc (PhD, Postdoc funded by the project; Azerbaijani citizen; involvement 100% during the postdoc) will expand, transcribe, gloss and translate (into French) a selected corpus of her native language, Southern Lezgian, and write the chapters on verb morphology of her forthcoming book on this language, as well as contributing to the workshops.

Timur Maisak

Timur Maisak (Russian), Senior Researcher, Russian Academy of Sciences, will co-inspire the project on scientific and theoretical issues, edit and gloss the selected Tsakhur corpus, coorganise the workshop in Moscow and coedit the volumes of reference articles on imperfective modalities.

Gilles Authier

Gilles Authier (French), Directeur d’Etudes, EPHE, based at Collège de France, project coordinator (permanent staff, EPHE, involvement: 80%), will translate into French the narrative Rutul texts and additional Kryz texts in Kryz dialect proper, and gloss entirely the Rutul and Kryz corpus. With Timur Maisak, he will both co-edit the collective series of articles and […]